Important Forms

The Buffalo Creek Watershed District has established a permitting process for the guidance of activities that have the potential to impact water resources.  The following are some of the activities that require a District permit (for a more detailed description of permit requirements, please contact the District):

  • Work in any watercourse or water basin, whether or not open water is present at the time of the work; including, but not limited to excavation, filling, dredging and placement of structures of any type.
  • Work in the right-of-way of any legal drainage system.
  • Any land disturbing activity affecting incorporated and unincorporated areas.
  • Operation or alteration of any water control structure in any watercourse or water basin.
  • Diversion of water into a different subwatershed or into a legal drainage system from land not assessed for the system.
  • Construction or improvement of any drain tile, open ditch system or dike.
  • Cultivating any area that is closer than one rod from the top edge of a watercourse bank or the normal high water mark of a water basin.
  • Placement of power poles, cable,  pipelines or any structure within 100 feet of the normal high water mark of any water basin or top edge or the bank of any watercourse.
  • Any other act that, as judged by the Managers, may have a significant impact on the District’s water resources.

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