McLeod Sibley Judicial Ditch 8

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, the Buffalo Creek Watershed District Board of Managers, Drainage Authority for the improvement of Laterals 12 and 13 of McLeod/Sibley Judicial Ditch 8, held a public hearing at 3:00 p.m., on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, in the Glencoe City Center, 1107 11th St. E., Glencoe, MN 55336. The purpose of the hearing was to review the engineer’s report to the drainage authority pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 103E.555 showing that the contract to construct the improvement of Laterals 12 and 13 of McLeod/Sibley Judicial Ditch 8 is complete and recommending payment of additional damages, if any. The engineer’s report has been filed with the drainage authority and is available for public inspection by contacting the District. The report can also be accessed by clicking here.
Any party objecting to the acceptance of the contract was able to appear at the hearing and be heard. Written comments were accepted at the hearing and by mail through the date of the hearing at the Watershed District’s mailing address, P.O. Box 55, Glencoe, MN 55336, or by email to

The Watershed District held a Final Hearing on the petitioned improvement of Branches 12 and 13 of Judicial Ditch 8 of McLeod and Sibley Counties on November 22, 2022. The following information is from that hearing:

Please click here to read the Final Hearing Notice.

The following are links to attachments referred to in the notice:
Click here for the DNR Advisory Letter.
Click here for the Benefits and Damages Statement.
Click here for the Determination of Benefits.
Click here for the Final Engineers Report.

The Board of Managers held a Final Hearing on November 22, 2022, continued to December 27, 2022, and further continued to January 24, 2023.
Click here for the Findings and Final Order.