Tom Maiers

The SWCD (Soil and Water Conservation District) brought this bank erosion problem to the Watershed Board as one of our original Clean Water Legacy Grant projects.  The Buffalo Creek was eroding the bank next to a road on Tom Maiers’ property.

Before repairs.

The curve in the creek had under-cut trees.  These trees were removed, the bank was cut back, and fabric and rip-rap were placed to hold the current.  The restoration design is a rock-pile.  The rocks on the bottom of the bank were piled six feet high to a peak, and the bank was cut back to help keep the stream from the edge of the road.  Five Weirs were placed to push the current away from the bank.

During work

Completed Tom Maiers Project
Completed work.
On the opposite side of the stream, a point bar was removed to keep the current in place.  This project was started in late December, 2007 and completed in three days, with over 300 yards of rock used.  In summer of 2008, this project was viewed, and appeared to be working properly.

Project Partners:

  • Tom Maiers
  • Buffalo Creek Watershed District


  • Olsen and Son