Forms-Permit Form

Please send all pertinent permit information including application and supporting documents, questions, or concerns to your specific Watershed District Manager listed on the website ( )

Click here to download a printable Permit Application Form.
The Permit Application Form is required before any work is done.

Click here to download a printable Completion Report Form.
It is important to return the Completion Report Form to the Watershed District Managers to let them know that the work is completed.

The following fee schedule is subject to individual review of each project by the Board of Managers:

Simple Tile Line, Street & Utilities Permit  (No site visit required)  $00.00
Permit Requiring Site Review by:
    Board of Managers $75.00/Manager
    Watershed District’s Engineer $250.00/Visit          
Permit for Land Development:
    Less than 10 lots $1,000.00
    10 lots — 49 lots $1,500.00
    50 lots — 99 lots $1,750.00
    100 lots or more $2,250.00
Site Drainage Plan $1,000.00
Bridge and/or Culvert Replacement $  500.00
Permit Extension Request  (without any change in the Permit Application) $   00.00
After-the-Fact Permit, plus the above fee requirements $1,000.00

NOTE:  Any extraordinary expenses (inspection, engineering, legal, etc.) associated with processing the above permits will require the Permittee to set up an escrow account that the Watershed District will draw from to cover the Watershed District’s expenses.