This site had one cut-through in an ox-bow and one bank erosion.  This would have become a cut-through in time if not attended to.


Streambank Erosion

Gabion Baskets to stop erosion

The Watershed District used Gabion Baskets on this site.  These are 3'x3'x9' baskets filled with rock.  This project started in the summer of 2008, using 200 CuYds of rock.  This project took a little longer than hoped, due to inclement weather, etc.  Completed in mid-August.  Property owner very satisfied.   

 Project partners:

  • Jim Sondergaard
  • BCWD


  • Olsen and Son                                                                                                                                                             


Sondergaard Site 2

Cut-through in ox-bow

Gabion Baskets to stop cut-through